Enhanced Pixel Examination

Pix Spy is your handy image inspection multi-tool.

Measure, Eye-drop, Crop and more.

Completely free to use.

  1. PixSpy.com

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About Pix Spy

Is this tool free?

Absolutely! Pix Spy is completely free to use and there are no ads. We created the site to scratch our own itch and to help you in your pursuit of the perfect image.

Are my images safe?

Definitely! All processing is done in JavaScript in your browser so your images never leave your computer.

What can it do?

Inspect: Pan and zoom to view the details of your image.

Measure: Right-click-and-drag to create a sticky selection with offset and size information. Hold down Ctrl while drawing the selection to snap the selection to horizontal, vertical, or square. Edit the selection with the right mouse button.

Eye-drop: Every click on the image logs the color at that pixel position or current selection. You can format these colors in a number of useful ways and copy them individually or in a list.

Crop: Crop the image to your selection.

Redact: Delete the contents of your selection. Useful if you want to share a screen shot, but avoid sharing sensitive information.

Cross-examine: when you make a selection, there's a red dashed trace line shown in the selection. The pixel values and RGB channels along that line are shown in a separate cross-section display that allows you to see precisely how they vary.

Selection histogram: when you make a selection, there's an RGB histogram shown of those specific pixels.

Multi-image: Load up any number of images and flip between them.

Image diffing: When you load up multiple images with the same dimensions, the view state is preserved when flipping between them. This allows you to detect subtle differences between them, which is especially useful when zoomed in.